Who is Georgi?

Georgi Darzhanliev has studied law, finance and marketing.

Entrepreneur and visionary with legal and fundraising expertise.

Extensive knowledge in web projects, non profits, Standard Operating Procedures and Google Ad Grants.

TOYP Bulgaria (The Outstanding Young Persons) in area "Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics" by JCI.

Awarded “John Atanasoff” by the President of Bulgaria.

My team and I assist organizations with a niche marketing service.

It increases your marketing budget with $10k per month.

Contact us for FREE consultation.

Disclaimer. Currently we have a cap of maximum 10 new clients per month with the purpose to provide high quality premium service. This does not mean that it is over-expensive, just that we under-promise but over-deliver. However please do have in mind that we might not contact you if we are full for the month. Although the service is structured in the most efficient and understandable way, if your marketing knowledge is zero, you better educate yourself a little bit before contacting us. See here. We use the data you provide us with only for the purposes to help you understand the benefits of our service. No SPAM.