We are looking for result-driven Sales Development Rep (SDR) located in Cyprus.

Preferably in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaka or Paphos.

Motivated and results-driven individual with sales mindset to join our growing team.

We will give you all the know how we have for the development of your market.

Our Purpose: Freedom.

Our actions create more freedom for team members & clients.

Our Values.

Lifelong Learning.

Under-promise, Over-deliver.

Positive Thinking.

Mutually Beneficial Transactions.

Progress is our main focus.

We assist our clients grow exponentially by cutting their costs for marketing & cloud.

All we do is based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

The services we provide focus on helping valuable initiatives to be approved for Google Ad Grants.

It's an in-kind advertising every month from Google Ads.

If you’re a qualifying organization, you’ll receive $10,000 USD in in-kind Ads advertising every month.

For unlimited period of time which can be used worldwide.

Currently we have 100% success rate for all submitted proposals.

And over 220 approved Ad Grants applications from 23 countries with 3 years of expertise.

Why join our team?

We help others grow.

Our team is purpose driven.

We are the best at what we do.

The work is multi-component - legal, marketing, sales, project proposals.

The market potential is huge.

Our clients are progressive individuals.

We provide opportunities to grow on professional level.

Remote work.

We have fun.

And last but not least - an opportunity for very good earnings.

What are the daily tasks?

PHASE I - FIRST 20 DEALS (not more that 5 months).

1) Generating warm leads through events.

In the country you apply to operate in.

We expect you to find and talk in person with 100 leads per month.

At B2B industry related events.

Go to at least 10 networking events per month (like BNI meetings).

Have a 3-5 minutes talk with each lead about out activity in person.

Take a business card of each lead.

2) Establish an email correspondence with each lead.

In English.

Enter the lead data in our database.

Establish an email correspondence between you, the lead and a sales rep.

Help the sales rep if needed.

You are our domestic representative.

The lead might want to talk with you again.


Develop Your Market.

After 3 to 5 months and 10 to 20 closed deals you will know each and every detail of our service.

Then you can use our HR know how to develop your own team.

And to localize the service from English to your national language if needed.

You can review our target groups in this Google Doc.

What is our working environment?



Based on SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

We want you to put your personality into the work.

But we have build a skeleton to help you along the way.

Trello and G Suite (Google Apps) are our office.

Learn to love them.

What qualities and skills we are looking for?

People skills.

Networking, phone and email communication skills.

Aptitude for persuasion and negotiation.


You have to be able to give the best of you, while no one is watching.

All you need in order to work with us is character, laptop and an Internet connection.

We give you tools, resources and the product to sell.

Progressive thinking.

No complaints, mumbling and use of negative words like "No", "Can’t", "No way" and all alike.

We accept mistakes, but if you have the “No mindset” you will not fit in the team.


We need individuals who are ready to put up the behavior needed for achieving the desired results.

Advanced level of English.

It will be an advantage if you:

Have 1+ year of sales experience working on deals for at least EUR 3000 each.

Speaking the native language of the market you apply to operate in.

Please have in mind that it might take you ~ 30 minutes to complete the form.

We will contact only the approved candidates.

The next steps are:

(1) Perform a specific task.

(2) Have an online video conference call with us.

(3) Pass through a one-month training which is essentially work with real clients using our know how and support.

See more countries at this page.